The Weirdots!

About Us

Check N' Play is an enrichment play café designed for children under 6 and their parents. Our goal is to create magical experiences throughout our space. We offer hands-on adventures that help kids learn and grow, while also providing a peaceful place for parents to relax. Led by our charming Weirdots, our approach focuses on emotional development, joyful exploration, and authentic self-care. At Check N' Play, we celebrate moments of change and support kids in all aspects of their growth, making it a place where creativity thrives and families bond.

Monitored Play

Stimulates fine motor, gross motor, sensory motors, and visual motor skills


Curated educational toys and branded goods

Special Events & Workshops

Customizable celebration packages & unique pop-up experiences


Relaxing, multi-purpose space for parents

Bespoke Educational Experiences

Custom program with play-based learning

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